Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monsoon season is HERE

Our day started out as usual for this time of year with just a cloud or two in the sky. This afternoon the dog headed for the tiny dark space under my work table, and I knew, here comes Monsoon season. It's strange how fast these storms roll through our little valley. One minute it's dry and dusty, and then in seconds everything is soaking wet and muddy.
Lighting, thunder, heavy rain and me with my camera standing out there trying to take a picture of it all. I couldn't get Maggie out of the house for anything in the world. She, being the smart dog that she is, preferred the dark space under the table. Even the horse and mule wouldn't come out of the barn to see why the heck I was out in their corral standing in the rain.
The storm is still rumbling, the dog is still in her safe spot, the horses have been fed and are contently eating hay in their dry barn, and then there's me. What can I say...
Here are the photos
that I risked my life to take. Who ever said that we humans are the thinking, superior species? :o)


  1. Well what an incredibly beautiful place you have! The double rainbow was WAY worth it!
    I'm guilty of going out in the rain with my camera also.
    That is why I ended up buying a waterproof digital camera!

  2. You're so brave! LOVE the rainbows!!! ♥

  3. I always thoughts there's something so mysterious and adventurous about being in dangerous weather. It's obvious that you must feel it, too. You have a beautiful homeplace. I feel like I'm there when I visit your blog. Nice.